The new “commute” to work

Today marks two weeks since we moved into our home!

Strangely it feels like a lot longer but maybe that’s because we’ve been sleeping on our sofa since we moved in – not that it hasn’t been comfortable (our sofa is bloomin’ huge) but we’re very much looking forward to our bed arriving.

By the time this post is published it will be here! Lloyd and I will both be at work but my super Dad will be coming to oversee everything so by the time we arrive home we’ll have our brand spanking new bed to dive into.

I’m really enjoy my walk to work and back. So much so that it sometimes feels as though I’m seeing my surroundings with fresh eyes again for the first time in years. Living a little further away means I leave a little earlier and if anything I’ve become less rushed than when I lived only five minutes down the road.

I’m looking forward to taking my Canon out for a spin around these new streets, but for now a few iPhone snaps will have to do.

Taken with my iPhone 6 Plus.

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The Monkeys of Gibraltar


With the amount of photos that I took of the fascinating Barbary Macaques on my short but sweet visit to Gibraltar, I felt like they deserved their own blog post.

Gibraltar is one of the few places where you can see Barbary Macaques in the wild and the only wild population in Europe. Whilst Africa is sadly seeing a decline of these primates; in Gibraltar they are absolutely thriving and it’s clear why, when you see how well they’re looked after by the locals.

Before heading up the rock I was feeling slightly nervous. I’d heard tales of ‘attacks’ and had been told to take care of my belongings because they’re well known for being light fingered! Luckily I had little to worry about. It was early morning and they were docile for the most part – only slightly curious of us but mostly used to having a camera lens pointed at them.

I could have spent the whole day just watching them. So human in their expressions and on the most part, so gentle.

Here are a few photos I took of these fascinating creatures. Enjoy!

You can also check the full post about my short experience in Gibraltar here.

Barbary Macaque Gibraltar


Barbarymacaque19Barbarymacaque14Barbarymacaques16Barbarymacaques15Barbary Macaque Steps