Why we need to go back to New York

StreetsofnycNew York, New York!

Our trip to NYC was jam packed, exhilarating and exhausting. Over the space of those 14 days we walked 190km only taking the subway once and a return train to New Jersey.

It’s impossible to see everything in two weeks. Hell, even a lifetime is a stretch! But we did get a taste of the apple and that just made us want to take another bite. Although we did LOADS (see this for a brief itinerary) there was so much more left to experience.

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Here’s what we’ll try to pack into our next trip (note that there is no if in that sentence!)

  • Ice skating in Central Park
  • Take a trip to the top of the One World Trade Center
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • Coney Island
  • Watch a game at Madison Square Garden
  • Watch another show on Broadway
  • View the skyline from a helicopter
  • Rockefeller Tour
  • Discover more vegan/veggie restaurants and food trucks
  • Spend more time in Brooklyn and Greenwich Village
  • Eat more pizza
  • Watch the world go by
  • Visit the Brooklyn Flea Market and find a bargain or two!
  • Visit more botanical gardens
  • Take the audio guided tour in Grand Central Station
  • Spend a full day in The Met
  • Listen to music in a jazz bar
  • See more street art
  • Fort Tryon Park
  • Museum of Bodies (if the exhibition is still ongoing)
  • See some abandoned subway stations

Ok so it seems like we may need another two weeks after all!

New York, we’re not finished with you yet.

New Yorkers, do you have any tips for getting off the beaten track in the city?

Taking a bite of the Big Apple

foodmenusAs with any venture to a new destination, trying out a variety of restaurants and searching for those hidden gems can be a lot of fun and an experience all of its own.

Having spent two weeks in New York I’d like to think we got a pretty good idea of the “must try” spots within a few block’s radius of where we stayed. And although we did find plenty of delectable dishes, I know that we could go back again and again and still try new, unique places each and every trip.

I’ve compiled a list of spots that I would recommend to anyone who finds themselves nearby, enjoy!

P.S., Sorry for the lack and bad quality photos – Simone usually only remembered to take a photo after she had eaten and by that point it’s not really worth it! Oops.

This was our first “proper” meal out in New York. I had the chana masala sandwich whilst Simone opted for the bowl version of the same name. Having spent a full day on our feet this food was very well received and the hearty portion and explosion of flavours were a fitting reward for the 26,000 steps we’d taken that day!



We tried the location on 8th Avenue, the upstairs has a huge window with stools along it so you can enjoy your food whilst watching the bustling in the streets; ideal for people watching. We both had the hummus and falafel from the “just hummus” section of the menu, the hummus was lovely and creamy and the falafel was well done, crisp outside and nice and soft inside.

When becoming vegetarian, falafel quickly became a staple food for me. I can always find happiness in a fluffy pitta bread stuffed with warm falafel and a handful of crisp salad – nom.

Hummus and Pita co New York


When we stumbled across this spot on W 50th Street we were just looking for a quick bite on the way to check out Times Square before the New Year crowds started filing in. We were surprised it was so empty, until we came back outside and saw the barriers had been put up to block access toward the focal point of that evening!

The “create your own plate” provides a wide variety of “Proteins” and sides to create plenty of delicious combos.

The little Beet New York

Apologies, I literally only have a photo of the bag.


This restaurant kept cropping up near the top of a lot of “best pizza in New York” lists that we found, so as it was so close, we decided to give it a try. I can definitely speak for the both of us when I say we fully endorse the high ratings!

Getting a veggie pizza right is difficult at the best of times, the ingredients naturally make the base soggier and it can detract from the experience when you spend most of your time scooping toppings back onto your base.

This was not the case (so much) with this pizza. The base maintained a crispness and crunch but wasn’t hard. The sauce/tomato/toppings ratios were spot on so that nothing was taking over each bite and masking the other two. Granted, the price tag on the end of this was more than a lot of the other dishes on this list combined, but, when in Rome…

On the way to check out the Best of NYC cruise by Circle Line we stopped off at this little cafe to warm up before an afternoon on the water. We both had a hot chocolate and some pastry treats. It was a really cosy place and we could have easily spent an afternoon there if we weren’t so tied for time.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


 photo food2_zpsmymp46sk.jpg

This place is a good pit-stop to grab a snack as you’re walking the streets of the concrete jungle. Pick a base, protein and toppings from their salad bar style layout. More tasty falafel – you can’t go wrong!

You may have noticed in one of my previous posts, we visited this place a few times during our stay and it was always awesome! We kept coming back for the chilled out, pub vibe and that veggie burger with sweet potato fries!


I decided to check out Terri’s on a day when Simone was a bit run down and some comfort food was needed. As it’s a vegan friendly menu it’s one of our absolute top recommendations. It also helps that the food is incredibly moreish! Even if you are a die-hard carnivore, you will be pleasantly surprised at the alternatives on offer here. I went for the meatball sub and philly cheesesteak along with a chocolate milkshake. Plus, several milkshakes during the remainder of our stay.

Another amazing restaurant for Indian cuisine. There’s plenty of styles, mains and sides to choose from, trying them all is the perfect excuse to keep coming back! We both chose the feast option from the menu and I would recommend ordering the onion pakora strings as an added side.

Indikitch New York City

I’m almost embarrassed to say that we only discovered Bite because it was near the local “by Chloe.” restaurant. This place certainly deserved recognition on it’s own – be sure to try them both!

There were a wide range of soups, sandwiches, salads and general plates including some vegan and veggie options. On both occasions we tried the soup along with a sandwich each. The middle Eastern vegan ciabatta featured each time and can be ordered as part of the combo option on the menu.

We never saw this place and it wasn’t full – please don’t let the thought of a long wait put you off, though. The service is quick and friendly and the food is absolutely worth it. It’s vegan, they serve sweet potato fries, it’s all reasonably priced and they even do dog treats! The more I think about this place the more I want to go back!

Unfortunately, we only tried four of the mains, but I would be happy if they only had those to offer. The beetroot ketchup and chipotle aioli are both an amazing accompaniment so be sure to fill up a small pot with each of them when you pick up your napkins! I can’t imagine eating anything simpler or better than a bowl of fries and those two sauces.

Our dining experiences

It’s reassuring to know that although it’s a country that loves its grilled meats and fast food, there were a hell of a lot of vegetarian and vegan options to cater to us – as well as any other dietary requirements you can think of.

Everywhere we tried the atmosphere was always warm and welcoming. The staff were always polite, engaging and helpful which was a really pleasant surprise for us and was much appreciated.

As for the food itself we can only hope that similar establishments can really take off over here. The only thing we did notice was apart from Bite, everywhere used disposable cutlery and plates; which can seem like quite a waste. But the washable over disposable debate is a lengthy one and is not something I want to wade in on here!

On a personal note we’ll definitely be trying to replicate some of the dishes we tried and putting our own spin on them!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more vegan/vegetarian food recommendations!

20 things to see and do on your first trip to New York City

Our trip to New York City took a fair amount of planning.

Apart from the flights and the accommodation (which in hindsight was the easiest part of the organising) we had to make the most of our fourteen nights in the Big Apple.

Luckily for me, Lloyd loves the organisational part so coming up with an itinerary which suited us both was a breeze.

There’s SO much to do that seeing everything there is to offer is virtually going to be impossible in such a short timeframe; however there are those quintessential hotspots that everyone should visit at least once.

Bryant Park

Especially at Christmas time to visit the Christmas Market and the free ice rink! You can either join in the fun and end up on your bum (yeah, I like a rhyme) or you can sit on the sidelines sipping hot chocolate from one of the many little foodie sheds in the vicinity.

Site link here

Bryant Park

Central Park

Needless to say, Central Park is a must visit at any time of the year! If you happen to see this park in all weathers like we did then you’re even luckier. The park is huge and lush; full of trees and lakes and all that good stuff that we’re missing here in Malta. It’s a well needed breathing space for the residents living in this concrete jungle. There’s normally a musician or two so take a seat nearby and enjoy the grooves…and if you like what you hear then leave a tip!

Site link here

Central Park snowCentral Park no snow

The Museum of Natural History

It’s a bit of a tradition of ours to visit a museum or two when travelling. I have to say that this was by far the most awesome natural history museum that I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting (although the NHM in London is an extremely close second). There’s so much to see and do that you may even feel a little overwhelmed by the amount there is to take in. Be sure to wear comfy shoes because your feet will be killing you by the end of a full day here! Oh, and if it’s a rainy day be prepared for the swarm of likeminded tourists who will all have the same idea of visiting a museum too.

Tip: Instead of heading for the main entrance (the one directly opposite Central Park), go to the entrance on the right which is just in front of the Theodore Roosevelt Park – hardly anyone seems to use this entrance for some unknown reason so get there at opening time and there will be little to no queue 😉

Site link here

Natural History Museum 8Natural History Museum 7Natural History MuseumProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetNatural History Museum 4Processed with VSCO with t1 presetNatural History Museum 5Natural History Museum 6Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Big Bus Tour

We took the uptown and downtown tours on separate days and really I couldn’t recommend it enough. So far, in my experience, the guides you find in New York are second to none; knowledgable, friendly and funny. It gets a bit nippy at the top of the bus so make sure that you bring a scarf to cover your face!

Oh the places you’ll go!

Downtown Loop: Times Square, the Empire State Building, One World Trade Centre, Wall Street & Battery Park etc.

Uptown Loop: Central Park, Harlem, the Museum Mile and the Upper West and Upper East Side etc.

Site link here

Big Bus Tour 2Big Bus Tour Flatiron 1Big Bus Tour New York 2Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

The Met – 5th Avenue

Firstly, the building is incredible. Exterior and interior included. I only wish that we’d had more time to spend there as we had arrived quite late. If only we had skipped the Guggenheim and its pretentious exhibition at the time (sorry, not sorry).

The building holds art spanning over 5000 years and from all cultures and time periods. One day is definitely not enough, let alone the few hours that we had! Favourite areas that we saw were Egyptian and Asian Art (particularly the medieval Indian sculptures <3).

Site link here

Met 2Met 1met sig 3

The High Line

One of the many highlights of our trip was walking the 2.33km newly refurbished railroad track which used to carry goods to and from the industrial district in Manhattan way back in 1934. Getting to experience Manhattan in a more serene setting was really quite a welcome experience. It’s so well maintained, full of plants and quirky pieces of art along the way to keep all visitors engaged. You’re above the city, but close enough to still feel a part of it.

Site link here

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Top of the Rock – Observation Deck

One of the best views of Manhattan can be viewed from the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Center and despite the massive amount of tourists this was an experience not to be missed. The views were simply incredible. We visited on New Years Eve and there are few better ways to spend your last day of the year! You suddenly realise just how vast New York City is (Central Park included!)

Site link here

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetTop of the rock 2Top of the rock 3

The Empire State Building

Like the Top of the Rock, the Empire State Building has a view not to be missed. We were fortunate enough to have an amazing view of the Empire State from our hotel room window but going up to the observation deck standing at 381m tall at night time, staring out at the bright lights of New York City was epic and once in a lifetime. Flashbacks of Sleepless in Seattle came into my head; you know the scene where Jonah forgets his teddy bear at the top of the Empire State and he and Sam come back to retrieve it. Low and behold, Annie has picked up the teddy and turns around and they finally meet each other! (I’m such a sap)

Warning: It gets really busy so be prepared to wait a little while if you want to get your instagram pic because there will be a ton of people wanting to do the same!

Site link here

Empire State at night 1Empire State at night 2

One World Memorial

I think it was important to both of us to pay our respects for the ones who lost their lives on 9/11. It was a tough one to visit and the day we visited was probably the most fitting as the weather was dire. Inside the museum there is a large space where you can go and sit and listen to recordings of friends and family talk about their loved ones. It’s an emotional experience and I couldn’t help but feel bad for not sitting to listen to them all. We didn’t really take photos of the memorial as it didn’t feel quite right to do so.

One world memorial

The Circle Line Cruise

I have to admit; I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this tour as much as I did. When I saw it on the New York Pass guidebook I kind of skimmed over it but Lloyd thought it would be good so I thought, meh, why not? It actually turned out to be a really nice day. We sat on the outside of the boat feeling very cold for the most part but it was a really great way of viewing the outskirts of the city. The tour guide was informative and possessed a storytelling voice. I could totally imagine him as a grandad reading a storybook to his grandchildren, d’aww! We chose “The best of NYC” tour and we both equally loved it.

You’ll get to see sights such as The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, United Nations and plenty more.

Site link here

Statue of Liberty 1manhattanskylineNew York 1New York 2New York 3New York 4

Madison Square Garden Tour

Lloyd had really wanted to watch a game here but since we didn’t get the opportunity to, the next best thing was the MSG tour which is included in the New York Pass. The tour groups are pretty small, maybe no more than 20 at a time and last about 60 minutes at a push. The guides do rush you through a bit, I guess because there is so much to get to and they don’t want too many groups loitering at the same time but nonetheless it was an interesting experience seeing the timeline of famous faces and sports stars to have performed and played there.

We got to see what a million dollar season ticket gets you and it’s pretty spectacular! We also got to see the locker rooms for the Knicks and Rangers. There was me thinking that they got ready in “high school type” locker rooms [insert rofl smiley]. These guys are treated like royalty! How little I know about sports…

Site link here

Madison Square Garden Tour 1Madison Square Garden Tour 2Madison Square Garden Tour 3Madison Square Garden Tour 4Madison Square Garden Tour 6

Watch an NBA and NHL game!

Seriously, if you want to immerse yourself in an all american experience then watching a game is an absolute must. I absolutely loved watching both games; though probably the NHL game more because it felt down to earth and family oriented whereas the NBA game felt more like a performance. Or maybe it was because we watched Lloyd’s favourite team Edmonton Oilers play so I was rooting for them to win – which they did!

NBA gameNHL game

Brooklyn Bridge

Standing tall since 1883 when it first opened to the public, it’s one of the oldest bridges not just in New York but in the United States. A notable event which happened just a few days after it opened was a stampede caused by doubts that the bridge would collapse. To quash any doubts, 21 elephants were walked along the bridge to prove otherwise.

Walking across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge is kind of a must for your first visit to the city. and it’s also a really nice stroll so why not?

Brooklyn Bridge


Not spending more time here is probably one of my biggest regrets and reasons that we must go back again. My first memory of entering Brooklyn is my bag breaking just as we exited the Brooklyn Bridge. Cue me holding my bag to my body as if my life depended on it until we found a new bag to replace it. But walking along the quaint streets was enough to make me want to come back for more. Brooklyn seemed to have a much more laid back feel to it. Maybe next time we’ll get a little Airbnb there or something!

New York Public Library

Millions of books delicately gift wrapped in this magnificent piece of architecture. It’s the quietest space you may find in New York City. It’s a marvel. Enjoy.

Site link here

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with m3 presetNew York Public Library 4New York Public Library 5

Watch the sun set over the Hudson River

On our first full day and after walking almost 20 km, we ended our day with the sun going down over the Hudson. It was perfection.

Sunset HudsonSunset of the Hudson 1Sunset over the Hudson 2

Grand Central Station

The station is a beautiful piece of architecture in itself. The ceiling is particularly interesting and almost church-like with its painted ceiling which represents the winter night sky. We were pressed for time so we only had a quick look around. Next time we would definitely take the audio tour to add some more context to our visit.

Grand Central Station 2Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Times Square

The epitome of the NYC experience is standing in the middle of Times Square and taking in the bright lights and sounds that surround you.

Time Square 1

Strangely this was one of the only photos I have of Time Square. I think I was just too fascinated by all the shiny lights and screens!

The Statue of Liberty

Get up close and personal with lady Liberty. Although the likes of the Empire State and Rockefeller tower over her, she’s a sight to behold all on her own.

Statue of Liberty close up

Watch a show on Broadway

For our birthday (his 26th and my 30th) we went to see The Lion King and I don’t say this very often but OH EM GEE it was amazeballs! I was practically crying with happiness from the beginning. A definite highlight to our trip.

Minskoff Theatre 1Minskoff TheatreThe Lion King on Broadway

Well that turned out to be a long post and that wasn’t even the half of it!

Do you have any tips for places to visit in NYC? I would love to hear from you!

 photo Adobe Spark-22_zpsj4bv0v7e.jpg


Flying with Virgin Atlantic – Premium Economy

In the months leading up to New York we already knew that we wanted a little extra comfort for our trip. It was both of our birthdays (we share the same day!) and it was also my 30th so I was hitting quite a milestone and felt I needed something to remember the day by.

Being that accommodation is hugely expensive in NYC, let alone during the Christmas/New Years period we weren’t really prepared to spend a ridiculous amount on a hotel with a bellboy (our hotel was expensive and nice enough without that) so we looked into the services provided by different airlines flying from Europe.

I think we looked at British Airways, Alitalia and Norwegian before settling on Virgin Atlantic. I’ve always found the flight attendants on Virgin so glamorous so flying with them was going to be a real treat!

Virgin Atlantic Check inVirgin Atlantic 1

Virgin Atlantic welcome drinks

Welcome drinks include water and your choice of either some champagne or orange juice!

Virgin Atlantic food

Granted, this doesn’t look particularly appetising but it was actually really tasty!

What do you get?

Dedicated check-in area in Departures. I’m not sure this applies everywhere but it did at least in London Heathrow and JFK.

Priority boarding. Personally not a huge deal to me when your seats are already selected (which you get to pick yourself online) however it’s always nice to board the plane first and settle in.

On arrival you’ll be greeted at your seat with a choice of a glass of bubbly or orange juice. Naturally we went for the bubbly on the way out but I decided to take the orange juice for the way back.

Extra leg room – stretch out! So important on a long haul flight and especially for the longer legged of us (not me, ha).

Upgraded dining experience – You won’t find plastic utensils and plates here folks!

In-seat laptop power

There are of course the usual amenities provided to all such as complimentary drinks, snacks, in-flight entertainment (which has a load of great options), blanket, pillow and a pouch with a toothbrush and toothpaste etc. for if you’re on an evening flight.

How much did it all cost?

In this post Lloyd breaks down the entire cost of our trip however the flight alone cost us €1,834 (without including the price of the flight from Malta – UK)

As I said above, this was a special treat for us and the most we collectively have ever spent on a trip but it was something that might be once in a lifetime. My philosophy on these types of things is that we can always make more money. You’ll never have the memories and experiences if you don’t go and do what makes you happy!

What about the food?

When you’re checking in online you can choose your preferences. I went for  the lacto-vegetarian option.

I’m probably going to be alone again when I say this but I love plane food! Maybe it’s just a nostalgic feeling for me or something but I always find the food so tasty and the food served on VA was yummy. You won’t go hungry.

Was it worth it?

Without a doubt, yes! I have always been a lover of airports and long haul flights (does this make me weird? I always get funny looks when I say it). There’s so much to do that before you know it you’ve arrived at your destination. Having the extra comforts (and lets face it, it’s a bit quieter from my experience too) makes the journey so much more bearable if you don’t enjoy flying.

Have you ever flown with VA and what was your experience? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Budgeting the Big Apple

For our trip to New York we were going during our birthdays and around Christmas time so we did give our budget a little boost to make the holiday that bit nicer.

The first thing to work out was how we would get there and back. Living in Malta made things a little more awkward as we had to juggle the timings around to fit in with flights to and from the island we call home. We basically had 3 options- fly to London, to Istanbul or fly via France, but luckily, there are a number of flights in and out of Heathrow throughout each day and so that was the first decision made.

The one thing I would definitely suggest is you plan well in advance. As someone that enjoys the organisational side of things and to have a plan, this was right up my street – I was chomping at the bit to book and confirm everything around 6 months before the trip!

I’ve included our list of expenses for the trip, bear in mind, this trip was a huge treat for us:

When you look at the total figures it is a considerable amount of money. However, this was over a full two weeks, sparing no expense and fitting in as much as we possibly could.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it took a lot of saving and a big effort to plan everything in plenty of time to ensure we got our absolute money’s worth.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing. I loved our trip and I have nothing but fond memories of our time there. I genuinely would not change a single aspect of what we did for our first trip to New York. Having said that, there were definitely things that could have been done at less expense.

  • To start with, although it is something I’d suggest you try at least once, Premium Economy can obviously be skipped. This can save a few hundred each way depending on flight times.
  • Generally, the further you book in advance, the better.
  • Try booking flights that land early on your first day and leave late on your last in order to maximise your time.
  • Staying outside of Manhattan will significantly reduce your expenses, for the sake of a budget friendly, ten minute bus/ferry trip. Similar hotels the other side of the Hudson can be around half the price of their Manhattan neighbours, with skyline views to boot.
  • Make the most of those $1 slices! Grabbing a slice to tide you over rather than pay $10 for a quick bite can not only help you to feel like a bona-fide New Yorker, but over a whole trip it could save you a nice wedge of cash.
  • Getting to and from the airport you should make use of the incredible New York public transport network (as long as you don’t mind dragging your luggage around).
  • Plan your days well. Remember – it’s a holiday, you don’t need an hour by hour itinerary with designated toilet breaks! However, it helps to consider seeing sites in the same areas and always take queueing times into account. Once you have an idea of what you want to see, take a look at the New York Pass and other options to reduce sightseeing costs.


New York, New York

As a big fan of most things American, heading to the other side of the Atlantic has always been high on my bucket list. I couldn’t wait to ramble around and take in the hustle and bustle of the “capital of the world”.

Our two weeks in New York were an inspiring and humbling experience, living in a city that is and has been home to so many people of all colours and creed, has so much history and has also seen such success and tragedy.

Empire State Building.jpg

Our first day was a very early start, thanks to the jet-lag, but our first glimpse of the city fog free was incredibly rewarding!

This post is a little taster of what we got up to during that time and we also thought it would be helpful to include the links for the food spots we recommend. We’ll put up a bunch more posts with a lot more detail in the near future!

26th – I wanna be a part of it…!!! Flight from Malta to Heathrow and then Heathrow to JFK.

27th – Bryant Park + Ice Rink, Macy’s, Times Square, M&M’s World, Central Park, Tavern on the Green, Bethesda Terrace + Fountain, street performers, Rockefeller Ice Rink + tree, sunset over the Hudson, Bombay Sandwich Co. and The StoreHouse.

28th – Bryant Park again, The Hummus & Pita Co., Lion King at the Minskoff Theater and Waldy’s pizza.

29th – Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Argo Tea Cafe, Rockefeller Center and Nintendo store. Home to dry off, The StoreHouse for Veggie Burger – AMAZING!

30th – Museum of Natural History and Domino’s pizza.

31st – Took a look at Times Square before the crowds came (around midday!) Top of the Rock, Grand Central, The Little Beet, Central Park.

1st – Big Bus Tour downtown route, Sim sick so not feeling up for much. Slept it off, Terri’s for late lunch, Indikitch, Flatiron building, Madison Square park and top of the Empire State Building.

2nd – Uptown route Big Bus Tour, through Harlem, museum of the city of NY, Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Izumi sushi and 2 bros pizza.

3rd – Water Taxi, 9/11 memorial and museum, Bento Neuveau for noodles, Water Taxi back via Statue of Liberty, by CHLOE. – amazing vegan food.

4th – Circle Line best of NY tour (sit on the left side as boat circles the island anti-clockwise), Romeo and Juliet Colombian Coffee cafe, Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum, NY Pizza Suprema.

5th – Madison Square Garden tour, NY public library, Maoz falafel, Storehouse again.

6th – High Line, Greenwich Village, FRIENDS building, Little Italy, Brooklyn bridge, Brooklyn, watched Brooklyn Nets against Cleveland Cavaliers (1st NBA game), also first subway journey.

7th- Snow day!!! Bite for late lunch before getting subway to New Jersey for Devils against Edmonton Oilers (1st NHL game).

8th – Last full day… Central Park, 91st Street Garden, Fika for coffee. Packed and ate Chinese food from New Dynasty.

9th – Taxi at 2pm, ate lunch at Bite. Flew home.


New York State of Mind


New York City. Gotham. The Big Apple. The City of Dreams. The Capital of the World. The Center Centre of the Universe.

I suppose before meeting Lloyd, I had never really believed I would make it to New York. Not because the lure wasn’t strong. I’m not sure what it was. Maybe I just felt that the USA was way out of my grasp and something to be admired from afar.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

It’s been almost one month since we left and I still can’t shake the thoughts and feelings away.

So much happened in those two weeks.


We walked 190km of the city. We celebrated our birthdays – I turned 30 and Lloyd turned 26. We saw in the New Year together for the first time in three years! We saw our first Broadway show (and it did not disappoint); watched our first live NBA and NHL game, walked through Central Park and across Brooklyn Bridge. We saw the twinkling lights of the city from the top of two skyscrapers; marvelled at The Museum of Natural History and The Met. Stood in the Guggenheim bewildered by the so called art of Agnes Martin and wondered if she was some kind of evil genius or if we just simply don’t know what art is (and based on a quick Google search it seems the latter). We journeyed the veins of the city by bus and the saw the formidable Manhattan skyline by boat (twice). We said a short and sweet hello to Lady Liberty – dwarfed in comparison to the skyscrapers but standing strong nonetheless. We took in the views and the art from the Highline and strolled along the Hudson river whilst enjoying a peaceful sunset or two. We froze from the bitter minus temperatures of winter. We got drenched. We struggled through the biting winds during a twelve hour snow storm. We drank copious amounts of coffee (sometimes accompanied by donuts, naturally) and we ate amazing vegetarian food. Every. Single. Day.

Liberty 1


This is so much of what we did but maybe not even half of it.

American Flag


We can’t wait to share our thoughts and experiences in our upcoming posts!