Keeping Instagram Organic


I have a bone to pick with Instagram. More specifically with the people using and abusing it to make money (not to mention those who allow it to be abused by buying into this BS). We’ve all heard about buying followers aka fake profiles right? You can even buy them from vending machines in Russia and the Czech Republic. However it came to my attention today that there’s another sneaky way of building your engagement “organically”.

I was left a comment on one of my photos today saying “You post great content! I think my services can be of great help for you in growing your Instagram influence with real organic followers. Please check out my website, direct link in bio”.

Now I do on occasion receive messages similar to these and tend to ignore them, but when it mentioned ‘organic’ I was immediately curious. My follower number on @wanderful_simmy is constantly teetering around the 350-400 mark and sure, I would love to reach more like-minded people who may enjoy what I post. So I headed on over and clicked the link in the bio to see what this company were doing differently.

So, this is probably not a new movement to some but I had no idea that it happens until now. It now also makes a lot more sense as to why I receive multiple followers only to drop them shortly afterwards.

Here’s how it works –

These people take hold of your Instagram profile and like and follow multiple accounts with similar interests. This draws interest to your own profile from those you have liked and followed and in turn a lot of the time, people will like your profile back if the content is in a similar niche. Yep, you’ve probably done this yourself when being liked by an account; I know I have.

Well the next bit is the part that really pisses me off. In order for your account not to end up following a zillion profiles, this company or person unfollows all of those accounts after twelve hours. Now having been on the receiving end of the follow-unfollow phenomena I find it really frustrating that someone is actually making money from this method. To call it organic is almost comical because it’s such a dishonest way of increasing your engagement. To the people who get unfollowed by these methods, it makes us feel like crap. It shouldn’t. I know. It’s just social media after all but at the same time everyone should be on a level playing field.

If you put in the work you’ll be rewarded with awesome people and companies approaching you. Don’t do it the easy way where it will wind up meaning nothing at all in the end.

Oh yep, and just checked my account. Lost two followers in the past hour.

Go check out my stuff @wanderful_simmy and if you like what I post, give me a follow. No pressure, but I would really love a steady 400 followers by the end of 2018! Ha.


A week or less after posting this, the algorithm on Instagram went insane. My tags were no longer working and I started to see my Followers drop drastically. This kind of sent me on a downward spiral of wondering what I wanted to do with this account since I’m in a lose lose situation and cannot grow organically anymore.

Sooo, I’ve decided to keep that account private and go back to using this blogs IG profile which is @thiswanderfullifeblog.

It feels like a little breath of fresh air and even though I have little to no followers at the moment, I’m enjoying posting fresh content.



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