Sometimes I Run

…sometimes I hide.

If you got the reference there then we should definitely be friends. Got to love some Britney!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the 90’s or pop music but everything to do with running.


On Monday I ran my very first 10km and I’m so proud that I could shout it off the rooftop if I weren’t too lazy to run up the extra flight of stairs to the roof. There is some irony to that sentence.

To tell you about this run I have to give you some background about my journey.

Before August 2017 I couldn’t run for five minutes. I was out of breath in two. I downloaded an eight weeks to 5km app and went from there. I had quite a bit of extra time so I really committed to the three runs a week and actually stuck to the program. I rarely stick with many things I try so this was an achievement in itself.

A little bit after I had completed this program I kind of lost focus due to sickness and going abroad a couple of times. All of a sudden I hadn’t ran in two months and had felt very worried that I would struggle massively to catch up with where I previously was. So two weeks ago after a long break, I took off at a gentle speed and ran 5km with relative ease. 5km with relative ease. Relative ease. Yep, I never thought that I would say that.

Once again things got busy but I have remained active while we’ve been working on our apartment. Sanding, sweeping and painting and walking to and from our new home every day has been my cardio so I guess it has counted as training in some way.

Monday marked around two weeks since that last 5km and at around 6pm after another busy day I felt this rush of energy and a need to run. I popped on Lloyd’s Bluetooth headphones, found my awesome running playlist and headed out the door.

Once again I ran gently. Composed. I barely even thought about my breathing because everything just felt so good. The goal was to reach Tigne Point and head back but once I arrived I felt like I could continue. So I did. My next goal was to make it to The Love Sign at Spinola Bay.

Everything felt amazing.

I remember getting to the last stretch just before reaching The Love Sign with There Will Be Time by Mumford and Sons and Baaba Maal playing in my ears (in fact I’m listening to it now, it’s so beautiful that it’ll bring a tear to your eye or fill you with a sense of purpose much dependent on your mood). The lyrics and composition are just perfect. Go and listen. I’ll wait.

I apologise for going off on a tangent there! So as I was saying, I was on the last stretch and still feeling mentally good. Physically my legs could comfortably carry on but my tummy was giving me some iffy signals. Time to get home. I felt good to keep on running but decided to cut the route short and take a different route home. I knew it would be tough but I decided to run up the hell hill that is the one close to The Meridien. It’s hard enough to walk up it let alone run and I had to stop three quarters of the way to take a breather. At that point I wondered whether I should call it a day or just see it through to the 10km mark. Well I guess you all know what I decided by this point! The final kilometre was tough; that hill had taken everything out of my legs and even though my lungs felt good I watched the ticker on my Pacer app reach 10km and I stopped running in triumph.

Where did that energy and stamina come from? The phase of the moon? Who knows! All I know is that it’s given me a boost to keep going.



You can follow my running journey on Instagram @runnerbeanbaby



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