A Walk around Birgu

A few weeks back I spontaneously found myself heading to Birgu to explore the city by myself. I used to go off on adventures alone every chance I could get however it became something that I seldom did anymore (especially on my own) so I decided that this needed to change! As well as wanting to get some exercise and fresh air, the act of exploring at my own pace with nothing but my camera has always been something I revelled in.

 photo 002door_zpsnkybgkmm.jpg

Birgu also goes by the italian name of Vittoriosa and makes up one of the three cities situated on the opposite side of Valletta. The city itself played an important role during The Siege of Malta and was the home to the Knights of St John who made it a capital city way back in 1530.

Today, it still holds onto its charm and is well worth spending a good few hours getting lost in the quaint alleyways (it’s easy to find your way back out though I promise!)

Birgu is a mini city of plentiful character and is kind of how I imagine and wish Malta was everywhere. At the same time it makes me appreciate these places so much more now that many parts of Malta have become urbanised.

To get here from Valletta, simply take bus number 2 or 3 from the bus terminus.

One thing I noted that it was impossible to find an atm to withdraw money which was a shame! I would have needed to take a 20 minute walk into a neighbouring city which normally  I wouldn’t mind but it was downhill and a scorching hot day so be sure to carry cash with you in case there are any artisan markets around (which there was on that day).

 photo 003cat_zpscavhuks3.jpg

 photo 005bench_zpsyebiblnf.jpg

 photo 006christmastrees_zpspheojbgh.jpg

 photo 008stairs_zpsp3rwrt21.jpg

 photo 009doors_zpstm81ggbf.jpg

 photo 010tomatospread_zpstwbbllzc.jpg

 photo 011cat_zpsenkvhh7o.jpg

 photo 012kitty_zps4bekjk9y.jpg

 photo 014balcony2_zpsh0rddo2u.jpg

 photo 015birgustreets_zpsxwepfmmw.jpg

 photo 016streetsofbirgu_zpsumqaya8l.jpg

 photo 017cathouse_zpskpetlfxg.jpg

 photo 018sleepykitty_zpszpwkbh3p.jpg

 photo 019sleepykitty_zpsvylgx5k5.jpg

 photo 021hospital_zps89qimjez.jpg

 photo Birgudoor_zpsa5jw8hdj.jpg

 photo birguviews2_zpsd0p2pmlv.jpg

 photo birguwalking1_zpspykmpnow.jpg

 photo candlemaking3_zpsdybxpket.jpg

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