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Saying “ciao” to Gozo’s Azure Window

“Azure window fell apparently” was the message I received from Lloyd as I sat anxiously waiting in the dentists reception to be seen last Wednesday.

In that moment I’m sure my heart skipped a beat as I tried to process that information.

It had to be a joke, surely? I opened the web browser of my phone and desperately searched “Azure Window Gozo” in Google but my signal was so low that the page just kept loading and loading without any return.

I informed my dad who was sitting next to me and was met with the same reaction. Blind shock and an empty feeling inside.

I’ve stood in front of the Azure Window in Dwejra, Gozo too many times to count. Each and every time I would take a picture, regardless of whether I had one already. Each and every time it always amazed me and this is why I did.

We looked around the crowded room, clearly no one else had seen or heard the news by this point or there would have been like the Times of Malta comment section in there; a multitude of mostly frustrating opinions and debates. Whilst waiting for an x-ray of my mouth I finally found some signal to read the news article and this is what I saw:


Until seeing this, I hadn’t realised the extent of the loss. The entire structure had been swallowed by the raging seas.

In 2013 studies had shown that erosion was inevitable, but until something like this happens you don’t quite comprehend just how much of a loss it is.

I saw comments on Facebook about how pathetic it was that so many people were upset about the natural occurrence and to that I will just say yes; yes I’m saddened that a natural structure has collapsed and left us with no more photos left to take of its beauty. Yes i’m sad that I won’t be able to take any more friends and family to see the Azure Window again. Yes i’m sad because it is a loss to so many people. It may just be a rock formation but it was a wonderful one. If that makes me pathetic then so be it.

To say ciao to the Azure Window I thought I would share some of my photos here. I can say I am one of the many fortunate ones who got to see this Gozitan delight ❤

 photo 1931176_35477987247_8030_n_zps3pdoalhc.jpg

 photo 12898182_10154098437942248_3687013208160368866_o_zpshnirlfhg.jpg
The Azure Window is the well known backdrop for scenes in Season 1 of Game of Thrones.

 photo 1927791_48011072247_3324_n_zpsjtdwrkjk.jpg

 photo 4158_88002882247_2837569_n_zpsm6g3vbg1.jpg

 photo IMG_0107_zpsbpkkciiy.jpg

 photo IMG_1083_zpsjxqnibxe.jpg

 photo azure_by_twenty8twelve-d4h4n9n_zpsedw7jg7z.jpg
So long Azure Window ❤

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