New York City Photo Story

New York was a special place for me. Not only because it was our longest (and furthest) trip away together but because as I’ve mentioned in a previous post; I never imagined myself making it to New York.

As with many first trips to anywhere, we felt as though we had only scratched the surface of this big city but the beauty is that what we saw only made us want to come back for more.

Here’s a few of my favourite photos from New York, I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed taking them.

 photo The High Line sig 4_zpsne3hhrbl.jpg

 photo High Line berries_zpsq5kjqxcs.jpg

 photo highline_zps4hgvkdz5.jpg

 photo high line berries 2_zpsptb3iytj.jpg

 photo high line art_zps3qwvkli9.jpg

 photo winterinnewyork_zpsfooeku54.jpg

 photo centralparkgirl_zps21p3t3p4.jpg

 photo Central Park_zpsssensxsm.jpg

 photo winterinnewyork2_zpszc3aul3i.jpg

 photo leaf_zpsgbxwncgs.jpg

 photo bdaymorning4_zpss0dkz0on.jpg
Lloyd was thoughtful enough to bring our birthday cards to open in NY! ❤
 photo bdaymorning_zpsiin1p6zs.jpg
It’s not even 6am bday faces
 photo bdaymorning2_zpsaqhkledi.jpg
Ok we’ll smile bday face
 photo bdaymorning3_zpsfv6tk4vc.jpg
Coffee and muffins on our bday morning!

 photo hudsonsunset3_zpsnbmfccjk.jpg

 photo hudsonsunset4_zpse5bcwmbr.jpg

 photo hudsonsunset2_zpsrrc8xcjj.jpg

 photo hudsonriversunsetsig1_zpsbbqohc3b.jpg

 photo nypubliclibrary3_zps5jzmcogy.jpg

 photo empirestatemorning_zps5twoj3vg.jpg
Credit: Lloyd

 photo liberty2_zpsygeatreh.jpg

 photo ducks on the hudson_zpsmnokzjgf.jpg

 photo urban new york_zpsig2c1flj.jpg

 photo empire state2_zpsizkntxfc.jpg

 photo seagulls_zpspqojhiyc.jpg

 photo manhattanskyline_zpsilii33jo.jpg

 photo Hudson side_zpspofgefgo.jpg

 photo moon_zpscnkkgwkm.jpg

 photo naturalhistorymuseum_zpsbrgy0pgy.jpg

 photo circlelinecruise4_zpscqurtgxm.jpg

 photo American Flag copy_zpsjprbl6ze.jpg

 photo friends building_zpshczid3ig.jpg
This may look familiar to fans of Friends!

 photo guggenheim_zps32u5xwxb.jpg

 photo 910AB2BC-6B1D-43D6-982E-EA8A9CD2F133_zpsjbebayz9.jpg

 photo circlelinecruisesig2_zpsrknkhi9f.jpg

 photo Topoftherocksig_zps7obifgsa.jpg

 photo Central Park sig 2_zpsapnweiux.jpg

 photo Central Park sig_zpsiq7fugvz.jpg

 photo seagullalone_zps2r6ta6kl.jpg

 photo flatiron_zpsgtgoc5cx.jpg

 photo manhattan_zpso0qjgqod.jpg

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