Flying with Virgin Atlantic – Premium Economy

In the months leading up to New York we already knew that we wanted a little extra comfort for our trip. It was both of our birthdays (we share the same day!) and it was also my 30th so I was hitting quite a milestone and felt I needed something to remember the day by.

Being that accommodation is hugely expensive in NYC, let alone during the Christmas/New Years period we weren’t really prepared to spend a ridiculous amount on a hotel with a bellboy (our hotel was expensive and nice enough without that) so we looked into the services provided by different airlines flying from Europe.

I think we looked at British Airways, Alitalia and Norwegian before settling on Virgin Atlantic. I’ve always found the flight attendants on Virgin so glamorous so flying with them was going to be a real treat!

Virgin Atlantic Check inVirgin Atlantic 1

Virgin Atlantic welcome drinks
Welcome drinks include water and your choice of either some champagne or orange juice!
Virgin Atlantic food
Granted, this doesn’t look particularly appetising but it was actually really tasty!

What do you get?

Dedicated check-in area in Departures. I’m not sure this applies everywhere but it did at least in London Heathrow and JFK.

Priority boarding. Personally not a huge deal to me when your seats are already selected (which you get to pick yourself online) however it’s always nice to board the plane first and settle in.

On arrival you’ll be greeted at your seat with a choice of a glass of bubbly or orange juice. Naturally we went for the bubbly on the way out but I decided to take the orange juice for the way back.

Extra leg room – stretch out! So important on a long haul flight and especially for the longer legged of us (not me, ha).

Upgraded dining experience – You won’t find plastic utensils and plates here folks!

In-seat laptop power

There are of course the usual amenities provided to all such as complimentary drinks, snacks, in-flight entertainment (which has a load of great options), blanket, pillow and a pouch with a toothbrush and toothpaste etc. for if you’re on an evening flight.

How much did it all cost?

In this post Lloyd breaks down the entire cost of our trip however the flight alone cost us €1,834 (without including the price of the flight from Malta – UK)

As I said above, this was a special treat for us and the most we collectively have ever spent on a trip but it was something that might be once in a lifetime. My philosophy on these types of things is that we can always make more money. You’ll never have the memories and experiences if you don’t go and do what makes you happy!

What about the food?

When you’re checking in online you can choose your preferences. I went for  the lacto-vegetarian option.

I’m probably going to be alone again when I say this but I love plane food! Maybe it’s just a nostalgic feeling for me or something but I always find the food so tasty and the food served on VA was yummy. You won’t go hungry.

Was it worth it?

Without a doubt, yes! I have always been a lover of airports and long haul flights (does this make me weird? I always get funny looks when I say it). There’s so much to do that before you know it you’ve arrived at your destination. Having the extra comforts (and lets face it, it’s a bit quieter from my experience too) makes the journey so much more bearable if you don’t enjoy flying.

Have you ever flown with VA and what was your experience? We’d love to hear your thoughts!



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