We’ve bought a home! Part II

In our previous post I spoke about us doing lots of adult things. One major milestone we reached was buying a home!

Would you like to know which property we chose?

Well here we go, drumroll please…






 photo IMG-20150512-WA0003_zpsnyib8tqm.jpg


Yes, we put faith in our imagination and the developers and decided to go for this pile of rubble which would hopefully turn into our first dream home!

It will be a 150 square metre first floor apartment with three bedrooms and a front and back balcony.

After doing all of the paperwork (which lets face it, is the most boring thing in the world), we signed the contract and let the builders get to work.

Almost every week we’ve walked up to the site to take a look at the progress. In all honesty the work has been slow, especially for the first year; however in the last few months the building seems to have shot up and they’ve finally gotten around to working on our side of the building.

Here are some progress photos spanning from November 2015 – January 2017.

 photo IMG_2528_zpsw5lzzrh6.jpg

 photo IMG_2570_zpswuaby0wc.jpg

 photo IMG_2571_zpskejuj3lk.jpg

 photo IMG_2690_zpsjrf9tfxu.jpg

 photo IMG_2728_zpsiez7x3ta.jpg

 photo IMG_4297_zpsk5mx22rm.jpg

 photo IMG_4592_zpsqfv8owji.jpg

 photo IMG_5821_zpsycepkqeh.jpg

 photo IMG_6912_zpsh0sriab8.jpg

And just like that, we have a front balcony!

A note about the balcony.

In the original plan we had a lot more space, so when we saw that the balcony seemed to have been shaved 3-4 feet we were in a bit of shock. Our exact thoughts were “Where’s the rest of it?” and “Please tell me there’s more to come”.

We frantically searched for the plans quite sure that what we had signed up for was a lot bigger than what they were giving us and we were right. I contacted our developer who lacked any motive to communicate with us regarding the fact that they’d shaved a big chunk off of the front and he told me “It was out of our control”.

Apparently the Planning Authority hadn’t approved the size and because of that, it was stated in our contract that 5 feet can be removed from any point of our apartment if needed. Needless to say we were disappointed and I felt slightly duped. After all, I was the one who had sat at the bank and signed that contract. Why hadn’t I questioned it at all?

It was what it was and there was literally nothing that we could do about it.

Once we had this answer there was no point in continuing to be pissed off and stressed out about something that we couldn’t control.

At the end of the day we’ll still have a substantial space, a good investment and a place to call our own.

A place to call our home. 

We’ll keep on with the progress reports as often as we can. On Friday we get to go up and mark out the electrical and water points. Oooh!

Feeling excited about electrical and water points. Now I feel old.

If you’d like to read our first post in this series, click here.

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