We’ve bought a home! Part I

2015 was a pretty big year for us.

☆ Lloyd packed up his life in England and moved over to sunny Malta so that we could be together properly. No more distorted Skype conversations for us! Thank the Gods.

☆ He passed his driving test first time around (which would not surprise you if you knew him personally).

★ Oh, and we got a grown up bank loan and only went and bought ourselves a place!

When we first applied for a loan Lloyd was still living in England so it was up to me to do the paperwork…annoying but necessary work.

The other fun part was looking at places to buy! With the help of my parents, I looked at houses that were ready to move into, shell apartments and one on-plan site for a block of apartments. Lloyd was always kept in the loop; in fact the photos below are all photos and links sent to him via whatsapp…which also explains the grainy shots so apologies for that!

Property 1.

This shell penthouse scored really high on my want list. It was really well sized, light and airy inside and had a nice sized outdoor space.

 photo Shell1_zpsl9bkosoo.jpg

 photo Shell3_zpsqzynawyd.jpg

 photo shell5_zpslizpxopw.jpg

Property 2

This bottom floor maisonette had massive potential! My mind was full of ideas as to how to decorate this space, I was even thinking of making one of the rooms into a walk-in wardrobe – ha. The kitchen was huge and it had a lovely bright outside area to boot.

 photo House4_zpsgpylwrat.jpg

 photo House5_zpsrscjxlkc.jpg photo House2_zpsnregan6p.jpg

 photo House1_zpsw3ggtbdl.jpg
There was definite home gym potential here!

Property 3.

This was a bit of a gamble. After waiting over an hour for the developer to show up and take my mum and I to see the land I was ready to give up. In fact I had to leave and let my mum wait for him because I had to run off for work! Mum came back really enthusiastic though and I was able to see some plans and the plot.

This one was going to take some imagination though. We had paper plans and a view of rubble. We were told the first floor apartment to the right of the photo below would be ours if we were to pick it, it was 150 square metres so a lot of room to play with!

 photo IMG-20150509-WA0002_zpsc3anphnt.jpg

 photo IMG-20150509-WA0001_zpsfce5y8sp.jpg

 photo IMG-20150512-WA0003_zpsnyib8tqm.jpg

So which one did we pick? Find out in our next post!

 photo logo_b_zpstsfb8rgz.png

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