New York State of Mind


New York City. Gotham. The Big Apple. The City of Dreams. The Capital of the World. The Center Centre of the Universe.

I suppose before meeting Lloyd, I had never really believed I would make it to New York. Not because the lure wasn’t strong. I’m not sure what it was. Maybe I just felt that the USA was way out of my grasp and something to be admired from afar.

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It’s been almost one month since we left and I still can’t shake the thoughts and feelings away.

So much happened in those two weeks.


We walked 190km of the city. We celebrated our birthdays – I turned 30 and Lloyd turned 26. We saw in the New Year together for the first time in three years! We saw our first Broadway show (and it did not disappoint); watched our first live NBA and NHL game, walked through Central Park and across Brooklyn Bridge. We saw the twinkling lights of the city from the top of two skyscrapers; marvelled at The Museum of Natural History and The Met. Stood in the Guggenheim bewildered by the so called art of Agnes Martin and wondered if she was some kind of evil genius or if we just simply don’t know what art is (and based on a quick Google search it seems the latter). We journeyed the veins of the city by bus and the saw the formidable Manhattan skyline by boat (twice). We said a short and sweet hello to Lady Liberty – dwarfed in comparison to the skyscrapers but standing strong nonetheless. We took in the views and the art from the Highline and strolled along the Hudson river whilst enjoying a peaceful sunset or two. We froze from the bitter minus temperatures of winter. We got drenched. We struggled through the biting winds during a twelve hour snow storm. We drank copious amounts of coffee (sometimes accompanied by donuts, naturally) and we ate amazing vegetarian food. Every. Single. Day.

Liberty 1


This is so much of what we did but maybe not even half of it.

American Flag


We can’t wait to share our thoughts and experiences in our upcoming posts!



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