Moving to Malta

As you would have read by this point, for the first couple of years of our relationship we spent the majority of our time a couple of thousand kilometers apart.

 photo Screenshot 2013-10-14 23.07.01_zpsfrmpdsbw.png

Developing and maintaining this new relationship took a lot of effort and commitment for someone that barely knew me (something which I will always be grateful for). Things were certainly made easier thanks to modern technology such as Whatsapp, Skype and Viber. However, I definitely could never go back to evenings of having broken conversations due to a dodgy Maltese internet connection!

Having already spent a brief period of trying out life in Bath with me, Simone soon decided that our future was back on the sunny island she called home.

The idea of moving was a certain, it was just a matter of picking the right time. Luckily, that moment came in the Summer of 2015, when I found out that there would be a pretty substantial loss of earnings from my current job in the new year.

Just like that, my mind was made up – it was as good an excuse as I was ever gonna get. I prepared my notice, arranged my belongings to be shipped over and bought a one-way ticket!

It may seem pretty crazy (or stupid) but this was something we had been waiting for for such a long time and there was no doubt in my mind that it was the right decision and that, come what may, we would work it out.

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The prospect of the same line of work had already been ruled out for me, as speaking the Maltese language is a necessity. The great thing about this little island is that it’s a hub for i-gaming (slots and sports betting) companies, so I was quietly confident it would not take long to land a role in one of them.

I did not anticipate such a swift return to work though! Within a fortnight I had attended 3 interviews and received two job offers- just like that I was setting my alarm for an early start as a worker bee again.

Fast forward 16 months and I can honestly say I have absolutely no regrets!
Save for the tiny imperfections of this country(more on that to come), it is a great place to live. The island is beautiful, the weather is almost always glorious and experiencing it all with Simone just makes it that little bit sweeter.
Work on our home is ongoing, but the anticipation of moving in and making it our own is an exciting project that we’re both really looking forward to – watch this space!

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