A Look Back at 2016

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Happy new year everyone!

This may be considered later than usual for one of these types of posts, but since it’s still January we think it still counts.

2016 was a bit of a mixed bag in a lot of ways.

We saw what seemed like an unusual amount of absolute legends pass away; in particular my dads uncle who passed away at the end of the year. We saw the Brexit vote, global tragedy and of course Donald Trump become President-elect (that should be included in global tragedy). I let my fitness slip a fair bit and continued to mentally punish myself for that without making (m)any changes. For someone who loves to read I read very little and I didn’t do much in terms of self improvement which makes me feel like a bit of a failure.

On the other hand there were some really good things that happened. Lloyd and I live happily together though we’re still waiting for the day when we can live alone. He spent his first year living as a Maltese islander and trust me when I tell you that he has a lot to say about that (a post to come about that). Our home continued to be built, though much slower than anticipated but we made it an almost weekly ritual to visit the site and take photos. We travelled loads! We went to Poland, Hungary, Wales, England, Gibraltar (just me) and the US and ticked many things off our bucket lists. My parents opened up their own shop in Malta called Ellie’s Closet. If you’re reading this in Malta or planning to visit Malta then please do take a look and support a local business.

I took more photos this year and started to enjoy the art of taking photos again. Lloyd got to exercise his driving muscles in Wales after passing his test in 2015 and I was and am so proud of him! (I still continue to be useless by not taking my driving lessons).

I was involved in an outdoor cleanup which saw a bunch of colleagues from my work don rubber gloves and black bags in an attempt to de-litter a small part of Malta. I volunteered to guard a turtle nest on one of the popular beaches in Malta and the turtles successfully hatched!

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We hiked. We ate a whole lot of Wagamamas. I stayed with friends at a farmhouse in Gozo and went to England to reunite with one of my oldest and best friends for her beautiful wedding. It was also a confirmation that true friendship can withstand distance and time. I watched Lloyd play rugby whilst sitting on a wooden bench sipping coffee.

We watched movies and awesome shows (Stranger Things & The OA anyone?).

I turned 30 and Lloyd turned 26 in New York (we share the same day) and we finally spent New Years together after three years!

Oh, and we collaborated to create this blog which will only get better and better!

All in all it was a year where the good outweighed the bad and a positive attitude also went a long way.

This year is already set to be even better and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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Our birthday breakfast (after the real breakfast) on the hotel roof!

Let us know how 2016 has been for you, or link us to a similar post of yours!

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