You’ve arrived!

Welcome to This Wanderful Life. We’re Simone and Lloyd and we’re so happy you’re here 🙂

We’ve been together for three years after a chance meeting whilst Lloyd was holidaying in Malta. Since then we’ve done the whole long distance thing and we’re now building our lives together in Malta. Neither of us are strangers to making big changes. I moved from England to Malta when I was in my teens and Lloyd made a massive leap of faith by giving up his career to move here one year ago.

All things considered, life is pretty wanderful!

As well as sharing our passion for travel with our readers, we hope to be able to give you the courage to take big steps. Be brave and step outside of your comfort zone. We’ll be doing the same thing too!

This space won’t just be for travel though; we’ll be giving you a little insight into our lives, loves and foodie delights.

Living in Malta also offers us the unique opportunity to explore this beautiful little island in detail so we’re on a mission to show you the very best that there is to see here; whilst learning a bit more about our heritage (I’m half Maltese and Lloyd is a quarter!).

Although this is our base, we have huge plans for the future. A big trip is in the pipeline, we’re just getting all of our ducks in a row first!

We hope that you’ll stay with us for the ride.

You can follow us on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date or if you’re a big fan of Facebook and Twitter then you’ll find us there too.

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